Natur’Alley: 100% Plant-Based ‘Life Essentials’ For Your Mind, Body And Spirit

Newly-founded handmade vegan brand, Natur’Alley unveils its’ ever-growing range of ‘Life Essentials,’ providing plant-based solutions for your mind, body and spirit.

Their existing range briefly touches upon sectors such as Beauty & Skincare, Bath & Body, and Home Decor & Aromatherapy, but the brand has ambitious plans to go even further, and to cover more categories.

Aiming to provide 100% plant-based solutions to all of life’s daily needs, Dian Diallo, the CEO of the vegan start-up had the following to say about Natur’Alley’s company mission: ‘We truly believe that every element needed to care for our bodies can and should originate from plants.’

And it seems that his/this motto has been the driving force behind the rapidly-growing product range offered by the plant-based brand. Their future plans include the development of a Hair Care range, and also ventures into sectors such as, food & beverage, fragrances and more.

Natur’Alley offers several care products including:

Body Butter – Ylang Ylang & Vanilla 

Face Balm – Rosemary & Palmarosa 

Hand Balm – Frankincense & Cedarwood 

Beard Balm – Ylang Ylang & Peppermint 

Foot Balm – Eucalyptus & Neroli 

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Body Soap – Eucalyptus & Peppermint 

They also provide a range of tasteful scented candles, called the Spirit Flames, available in 3 variants: Blossom Boost, Fresh Feelings, and Sweet Senses. They are vegan friendly and animal cruelty free, with a burning time of over 8 hours.

Dian Diallo launched Natur’Alley with the belief that the best of personal care should be achieved using ‘plant-power,’ only. After crafting and sharing several skincare products for personal use within his inner circle, he received positive feedback – which led to further creations being made.

Born and raised in Paris, Dian moved to the UK in 2004, and he worked in the retail and customer services industries at a managerial level for many years. Subsequently, he started to work in the finance department of a leading online shopping comparison company in London. 

However, due to the 2020 global pandemic and the increasing rate of redundancy in the UK, Dian finally decided to take control of his future, and he applied his crafting skills through Natur’Alley Ltd, and the brand has been growing globally ever since, introducing their products into online marketplaces such as Shopify, Ebay, Shopee Singapore, Shopee Malaysia  and Naver in South Korea, but also into UK niche marketplaces such as Crazy Bean and Vegana Marketplace. 

Today, Natur’Alley’s products are sold in the UK, US, EU, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

Natur’Alley is able to guarantee that all of its’ products are not only vegan, eco-friendly and sustainable, but are also free from: Animal Cruelty, Chemicals, and Parabens.

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