Earthy Nail Polish: The Long-Lasting, Bio-Sourced Nail Polish Start-Up

Nail polish start-up, Earthy Nail Polish creates long-lasting nail polish with a high shine, – using natural origins and bio-sourced materials, with sustainable packaging.

Earthy Nail Polish was born from a frustration towards unsustainable cosmetic products that do more harm than good to your nails. The brand was set up to provide the highest-quality products with the least impact on the environment, by harnessing natural origin and bio-sourced materials with sustainable packaging. 

Earthy Nails has produced natural origin nail polishes in 13 shades, including: nudes, pinks, reds, monochromes, and brights. The start-up is also addressing another major problem in the nail polish industry: the plastic nail polish cap. To combat this issue, they’ve developed a bamboo cap that is biodegradable, naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, and decomposable.

Their nail polish remover is 100% acetone free, 100% acetate free, and is 99% made with natural origin and bio-source. Their products are produced with a platinum 2020 Ecovadis Sustainability rating, and they contain no inner or outer production packaging, and they use limited levels of VOC emissions and optimised extraction, – lowering the impact on the environment. 

Earthy Nails also uses a waste management policy that promotes reusable tanks and drums, and the recycling of solvents for cleaning operations. The company launched on Earth Day 2021 (in April), – thanks to it’s Founder, Satpal Singh. Having been in the cosmetics industry for over 10 years, and having extensively studied sustainable strategies at Harvard Business School, she became disillusioned by the profit-over-everything mentality.

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With Earthy Nail Polish and its sister brand, Nailture, – she worked with their chemist to produce a sustainably-sourced formula that is 79% natural origin: derived from corn, sugar cane and cassava. And to ensure that the product has a high shine and extended wear, they also developed a natural origin top and base coat.

Satpal said: ‘On the earthy nail polish website, we have a counter that counts the amount of plastic (in ton’s) dumped into the ocean this year. It currently stands at 5m tons at the time of writing. We at Earthy Nail Polish believe that the way to change consumer demand for single use plastic is by producing a high-quality, sustainable product at mass market prices. And thats exactly what we did.’

Their sister brand, Nailture has sold over 500k units in Switzerland since its launch in November last year, and Satpal expects the same with Earthy Nail Polish, – due to the quality of the polish.

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