St Lawrence Gold (The Pure Canadian Honey And Maple Syrup Brand) Has Launched Exclusively Into Waitrose

St Lawrence Gold (the pure Canadian honey and maple syrup brand) has launched two new flavours (The Blueberry Blossom Honey, and The Prairie Wildflower) exclusively into Waitrose. 

The pioneering business developed their award-winning honeys from Winnipeg (the home to the inspiration behind Winnie-the-Pooh). They’ve been making waves on British shores, – as the first and only company to bring pure Canadian honey to UK retailers.

St. Lawrence Gold’s honey is unlike anything else on the market: the beautiful grassland prairie in the Province of Manitoba provides a haven for bees, – with little human interference and undisturbed soils. The result? A gorgeous, pure honey.

Their new ‘Blueberry Blossom Honey’ comes with a subtle fruity kick, and a taste derived from bees pollinating blueberry fields, whilst ‘The Prairie Wildflower’ is a forward-thinking, full-bodied honey with a distinctive taste, – perfect for cooking, and a great addition to Middle Eastern recipes. The brand has also unveiled a limited edition maple syrup.

The limited-edition batch is made (and packed) in Canada, and it’s one of the world’s finest, purest maple syrups. Made from the first tap of the season, – the taste is light and effortlessly sweet, yet it packs a remarkable health punch with more calcium per litre than milk, and more potassium than a banana. 

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Aside from their limited edition maple syrup, St. Lawrence Gold also produces two other flavours: ‘Dark,’ and ‘Amber,’ – both of which are available to purchase on Ocado and Amazon, too.

St Lawrence Gold was launched in 2018 by Chris Dickens, Steve Jackson, and Howard Man. Previously, Howard was the President of McCain in Canada, Chris was the Global Media Director for Young and Rubicam, and Steve was Country Manager For Canada for a European food business. The one thing they have in common (which brought them together) was their love for Canada, maple syrup and pure Canadian honey.

Chris said: “The UK and Canada have so much in common: their values, their love for the outdoors, and their passion for food. Over there, maple syrup is like a national treasure, – the most wonderful gift from nature, which is served on table-tops everywhere, and it’s even stored in bank-like security vaults!”

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