Day: 3 August 2021

St Lawrence Gold (The Pure Canadian Honey And Maple Syrup Brand) Has Launched Exclusively Into Waitrose

St Lawrence Gold (the pure Canadian honey and maple syrup brand) has launched two new flavours (The Blueberry Blossom Honey, and The Prairie Wildflower) exclusively into Waitrose.

Son Of A Tailor: The Fashion-Tech Company That Provides Custom-Fits For Men

Son of a Tailor is a Copenhagen-based fashion-tech company that provides custom-fit essentials for men, with a proprietary algorithm that uses height, weight, age, and shoe size to create the perfect fit.

Banana Scoops: The ONLY Brand In Europe To Make Vegan, Banana-Based Ice Cream (Available In Ocado + Planet Organic)

Banana Scoops are the ONLY brand in Europe to make vegan, banana-based ice cream: they can be found on Ocado, and in Planet Organic.

A 21 Year Old Student Has Launched Her Own Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Swimwear Brand, Called ‘Take2’

A 21 year old student, named Cecelia Thornett (who is studying at the University of Edinburgh), – has launched her own eco-friendly, sustainable swimwear brand, called Take2.