Gypsy Brew Launches Two New Brews: A Craft Lager (Cushti Bok), + A Craft Cider (Django’s Halo).

Gypsy Brew is proud to announce their launch of two new brews: a craft lager (Cushti Bok), and a craft cider (Django’s Halo). 

Co-founded by Gary Meads and Al Smith in 2020, the independent microbrewery has proudly produced a curated collection of expertly-crafted bottles, with an inimitable line-up of phenomenal brews.

Produced in a family-owned microbrewery in Weatheroak Hill, Cushti Bok is the first craft lager to be served by Gypsy Brew. Brewed with German Saphir hops for a delicately-spiced herbal feel throughout, the 330ml 5.2% ABV lager boasts a deliciously original, clean, and crisp citrus flavour for an unforgettable taste.

Django’s Halo is their first craft cider, – celebrating the saintly purity of juicy red idared apples. The 5.5% ABV drink (also available in 330ml) is an intense, irresistibly bittersweet, tart, medium-dry cider, – packed with nothing but the very best apples. Both drinks are vegan-friendly, with packs of 3 – 24 now available to purchase online. 

On commenting on the new direction for the brand, Gary Meads, the Co-Founder at Gypsy Brew, said:

“As we launch Cushti Bok and Django’s Halo, we’re so excited to expand our offering with a full range of four exceptional brews available for beer lovers up and down the UK. As a small business, our collection is deliberately tight and refined: we are committed to remaining a small batch brewery with a confident collection of genuinely epic beers for our customers.”

Since launching their first beer (Gypsy Water) just eight months ago, the Brummie-based-boozer has gone from strength to strength. They’ve found their way into a number of leading independent venues in the Midlands (Dicks Smokehouse, Fig & Favour, Smithtons, Umberslade Wine Bar, and many more). More recently, Gypsy Brew formed an exclusive partnership with Craft in Birmingham city centre, making it the restaurant’s sole beer supplier.

“It should go without saying that as a small microbrewery, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality. Our beer cicerone, Rob, is unashamedly obsessive about his craft, and he practically nurses every single bottle. He doesn’t let a single thing go until he’s happy it’s perfect. Our brews are handcrafted every step of the way, – just as craft beer should be,” said Gary.

Gypsy Brew is the brainchild of two local friends and business owners: a pub landlord, called Gary Meads, and a barber named Al Smith. The brand started as a ‘pipe dream’ for Gary and Al, however, when the pandemic saw both of their businesses tragically close due to lock-down, the pair dived head first into coming up with a contingency plan: they turned their long-awaited pipe dream into a reality.

The significance of the Gypsy Brew name is one that sits close to Al’s heart: descending from a long line of Romany Gypsies, Al made sure that the brand concept represented his family’s heritage – paying homage to his ancestor’s rich experiences, which included his great granddad, – who was a prominent bare-knuckle boxer in Birmingham in the 1920s.

And in terms of the future, and what’s next: “over the next six months, we’ve got our sights set on opening our own taproom, – a venue for people to come together and have a great time. Watch this space!” added Gary.

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