Dynamic Nutrition Academy: Helping Men With Low Testosterone

Dynamic Nutrition Academy (DNA) supports men with low testosterone + testosterone deficiencies, – through their range of age-specific, natural food supplements.

Launched in April 2019, Dynamic Nutrition Academy (DNA) is a husband-and-wife team (Bertie and Sheldon Stringer). The pair spent two years in research and development (R&D) to create a unique range of innovative products that supports men with low testosterone and testosterone deficiencies. This was born out of DNA’s Co-Founder, Sheldon’s low-testosterone diagnosis. The result? A brand new range of pioneering products that meets the modern man’s needs.

Dynamic Nutrition Academy (DNA) are the first ever brand to cater for men’s needs across the whole lifespan, following their “testosterone peak” at 19.  Understanding that men’s nutrient-needs and hormones change with age, Dynamic Nutrition Academy (DNA)’s approach is in deep-rooted science, with complete transparency when it comes to research-backed ingredients.

Dynamic Nutrition Academy (DNA) launched the world’s first trio of powder-to-liquid, daily functional products that optimises men’s hormones production naturally, and supports every age, stage, and testosterone decline.

The natural, daily powders are packed with nutrients well-known to optimise men’s natural testosterone production. The products move away from the “one size fits all” tablet-approach, – to powders that lead to a faster absorption.

Powders enable the professional grade herbs, minerals, and vitamins to remain bio-active, – ensuring that the potent doses to gets to work immediately and effectively. Their fun, interactive symptom-checker also allows men to see which “MANimal” they are, whilst helping them find a product to best suit their needs. The product range includes: White Wolf – T Protection, and Silverback – T Maintenance.

Bertie Stringer is qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist. Bertie is a passionate hormonal health expert, who regularly contributes to press articles to drive education and awareness on testosterone. Bertie is an Ex-MTV Director of Publicity, with 20 years’ of senior management experience in global brands, and Sheldon Stringer is an experienced personal trainer, with 15 years’ experience in health and nutrition.

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“Females are taught about their hormones from an early age, and there are a wide range of products uniquely designed for their personal needs. Men aren’t extended the same privilege. We launched DNA to level the gender playing field, and to give men a platform to talk about their hormonal health challenges and bring them to the mainstream, in the same way that it’s now acceptable to talk about menopause,” said Bertie Stringer.

“Having struggled with low testosterone myself and not having any help or support from my GP, I know first-hand that there is a lack of awareness about testosterone and attitudes about what it does, and doesn’t do, are outdated,” said Sheldon Stringer.

We need to bring men’s matters up to date, and treat the andropause as we do the menopause. Every single man will experience age related loss of testosterone, and it’s unacceptable that because of our gender, that we are not able to ask for help, or get it when we are brave enough to reach out,” added Sheldon.

Dynamic Nutrition Academy (DNA) have now secured a high-profile national retailer.

Find out more here: https://www.dynamicnutritionacademy.com