Puressentiel Launches A NEW, Organic, Coconut Vegetable Oil.

Puressentiel (the makers of essential oil-based products) have launched an organic, coconut vegetable oil (for ultra-protective skin and hair care).

Coconut oil is well-known for it’s nourishing and repairing properties. Puressentiel (the brains behind the clinically-proven, essential oil-based products for everyday wellness needs) has taken it one step further, – with their brand new, Organic Coconut Vegetable Oil (which provides ultra-protective care for your skin and hair).

The NEW, Puressentiel Organic Coconut Vegetable Oil uses REAL extra virgin vegetable oil, which is cold-pressed from fresh white coconut flesh: this guarantees a superior-quality oil. Rich in essential fatty acids, lauric acid, and myristic acid, the product has a lipid-replenishing action: it’s easily absorbed by the skin and hair.

100% pure, natural, and rich in lauric acid, the product works by adhering to the keratin on your hair, skin, and nails, – to form a nourishing protective barrier against any chemical detergents, such as hair colourants, pool chlorine, sea salt water, and environmental forces, including wind and cold. Also, it can be used to remove make-up or dirt (the oil eliminates any impurities trapped in the sebum on the skin, or in the pores).

Puressentiel was Founded in 2005, by Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni.

The business was born from Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni’s passion for aromatherapy and natural, active ingredients. Puressentiel democratised aromatherapy through the first ever “ready-to-use” products, which took the market by storm.

Isabelle was born with phytotherapy in her blood: she grew up with a deep respect for natural health (largely due to her herbalist mother, and her naturopath father, both of whom have written numerous texts on the subject).

“Our mission is to draw on the very best from nature in an eco-friendly and eco-responsible way, in order to make it accessible to everyone in its purest and most essential form. We provide 100% pure and organic essential oil and plant-based products. We continuously test their efficacy and safety, and we’re proud to use these products ourselves every day,” said Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni.

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“Puressentiel products are made for everyday use, by the whole family. Whilst we know that our lifestyles evolve, so does our daily care. By Founding Puressentiel, we created the first ever aromatherapy laboratory, with a total respect for humans and nature. The Puressentiel range is essential for your health, and it brings you the efficacy of nature,” added Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni.

Puressentiel lives by three core values: Natural, Commitment, and Performance. To live up to these values, Isabelle and Marco developed their uncompromising “Pure Quality” charter, which guarantees certified organic, 100% pure, and natural plant active ingredients, as well as their “Pure Transparency” charter. The 100% family-owned business sources its raw plant materials from five different continents, and it primarily manufactures it’s products in Drôme, France.

Since launching, Puressentiel has supported various charities that share their values from day one. In July 2018, they decided to bring all of their charity partnerships together, by creating the Puressentiel Foundation, with Isabelle acting as President. The Puressentiel Foundation’s aim is to protect nature, childhood and health.

The organisation operates worldwide, in Belgium, France, Haiti, Indonesia, Madagascar, Peru, Rwanda, Senegal, and in South Africa. More recently, they operated in Lebanon, by providing temporary aid (following the explosions that devastated part of Beirut on the 4th August this year), whilst helping out with the immediate medical care of the population.

In March 2016, Isabelle Pacchioni won the Grand Prix de La Parisienne in the Business Woman category for Puressentiel. In 2018, Puressentiel achieved a turnover of €80 million, 30% of which was generated internationally. Puressentiel products are now available in 100 countries. In the UK, their products are available in Holland and Barrett, in Boots, and on Amazon.

Find out more here: https://uk.puressentiel.com