Get Colourful With Handmade By Tinni: Eco-Friendly Jewellery

Handmade By Tinni = bold, beautiful, fun, and… biodegradable. It’s jewellery for those who want to express their personality through unusual statement pieces.

The brand was Founded in 2020 by Paulomi Debnath, – to address the lack of colourful, fun, and biodegradable jewellery on the market, and the need for something more striking. “My art is heavily influenced by the bright colours of nature, the exotic places I have travelled, and my Indian heritage,” said Paulomi.

Paulomi uses sustainable, modern textile design. She creates unique wearable art, with organic cotton as her main material.

‘I use cotton as my main design medium, because it’s biodegradable, soft to wear, anti-allergic, colourful, and extremely flexible, which allows my imagination to flow. I spent a considerable amount of time sourcing the perfect variety, and the right cotton with lots of colour choices, which currently sits at 28 and counting,” explained Paulomi.

Paulomi (who is originally from Kolkata in India) has been living in London for fifteen years.

Prior to launching her business, she studied Sales and Marketing, before embarking on a career in hotel sales. Now, she holds a senior position in hotel procurement as her day job, as well as being a mother to a 10-year-old boy (alongside running Handmade By Tinni, of course).

Also, Paulomi has committed to reducing her carbon footprint.

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One way she is doing this, is by supporting Ecologi, – the organisation dedicated to reforestation. So far, Handmade By Tinni has enabled the planting of 32 trees per month.

‘When I started to create my statement jewellery, I knew that I had to do it sustainably, because protecting our planet is no longer an option. It’s essential. Fundamentally, every piece I create is made by hand, without using any machines or electricity (except lighting and heating), and therefore, it leaves a minimal impact on the environment,” added Paulomi.

In January 2022, Paulomi was proudly named as one of the UK’s ‘most inspirational and dynamic female entrepreneurs,’ by the f:Entrepreneur ‘#ialso100’ campaign.

She was also named as a ‘Top 26 Fashion Start-up’ in 2021 by TechRound, AND she became a ‘Small Business Sunday (#SBS)’ winner in the same year. Her brand has been featured in various publications, such as in Home & Interiors, and in The Lady Magazine, to name a few.

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