Enjoy A Clinic-Quality Facial At Home, With OLIVIEREWILSON.

OLIVIEREWILSON is a health-and-beauty skin rejuvenation brand, that provides tools and technology, – enabling people to enjoy clinic-quality treatments at home.

Catherine Wilson launched OLIVIEREWILSON after a twenty-year career in the city. After losing her mother, she realised how short life is, and this inspired her to take a three-month sabbatical from work, but… she never went back.

During her sabbatical, Catherine travelled around the US in an RV. She completed her 500hr yoga teacher training in New York, before discovering Red Light Therapy, which planted the seed for what was later to come. THEN, she embarked on a skincare course and an MBA, before deciding to follow her true passion: skincare.

Launched in 2019, OLIVIEREWILSON’s philosophy is driven by Catherine’s passion for world-class treatments, and scientifically-proven technology. “I’m a mathematician by trade,” explained Catherine. “So I did the thing that I always do when I want to solve something.”

I focused on the science and the facts, and I searched for solutions that optimise skin health. I’m only interested in skincare that truly delivers. The long-term benefits of Microneedling and Red Light Therapy are incredible, and the instant effects of CryoTherapy are equally powerful,” said Catherine.


Initially, Catherine launched her business with micro-needling tools and Cryo sticks, but more recently, she launched the LED GLOW Mask, which has been two years in development.

The full range includes:

  • The LED GLOW Mask: a high-performance, advanced light therapy mask, which is clinically-proven to improve skin health,
  • Microneedling Rollers: treat everything from fine lines, to acne scarring, to enlarged pores: a minimally-invasive procedure, which creates microscopic channels in the epidermis, – encouraging the production of collagen and elastin for smoother, firmer and toned skin,
  • And, CryoSticks: they’re filled with cooling liquid to provide the skin with a sustained delivery of cold therapy, that will de-puff tired eyes, perk up dull lacklustre skin, and boost complexion.

Catherine has also completed a round of SEIS funding, with ten investors on board.

Find out more here: http://www.olivierewilson.com