COAST + COMPANY: A Handmade, Sustainable Home and Body Range

The inspiration behind COAST & COMPANY came about during lock-down, after Ashley Millan struggled to find natural, eco-friendly products, with a premium feel.

Ashley wanted to buy natural products that looked great, with a high end shopping experience, great service, good branding, and a sense of luxury, but she couldn’t find anything that matched her requirements.

As a result, she decided to launch COAST & COMPANY in 2021. The business creates sustainable, environmental body and home products. The company started small, at Ashley’s kitchen table. Ashley worked hard to develop her clean luxury concept. Her products are handmade, natural, and plastic free.

Most of the company’s skincare products (their soaps, moisturisers and body scrubs) are produced in solid form. However, Ashley was reluctant to use glass to conceal her new liquid products as an alternative to plastic, as she was aware of the high amounts of carbon generated, and she was equally un-enamoured by recyclable plastic.

So, she took matters into her own hands. She applied for funding to develop what she believes to be the UK’s first ever fully-biodegradable pump bottle. She’s already got a prototype in place made, which is made entirely from plants, and she’s currently working on raising further funding, in order to progress to the testing stage.

Ashley has been using challenger bank Starling to help manage her brand’s finances as well, and their handy integrations with accounting services such as Quickbooks and Xero helped her focus her growth in significant ways.

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I have two children, and I also run another business. I do all of the marketing, the bookkeeping, the farmers markets, the making, the postage, and the packaging and the product development. It’s relentless, but it’s what you sign up for when you launch a business,” said Ashley. 

Already, COAST & COMPANY has gained celebrity interest.

Alan Carr, who bought one of COAST & COMPANY’s candles from a Grass Market in Edinburgh, has become a loyal customer.

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