Caire Beauty: Skincare For Hormonal Decline (And Menopause).

Caire’s PhD-designed formulations use an innovative approach to the aging concerns of sags, bags and skin volume, with science-backed bio-nutritive ingredients.

The products include a triple blend of Hyaluronic Acid that travels deep beneath the skin’s surface, helping women to build back firmness, and glow in their complexion.

The line features a Theorem Serum Boost (which helps to improve skin firmness by up to 200%), and a Triple Lift Molecule Mask (a sophisticated mask that delivers customised nutrition for up to one hour, even after being washed out).

Founded by two former beauty executives, Lorrie King and Celeste Lee in 2021, the duo met with scientists to truly understand the how and why behind skin aging, to empower modern women with science-backed, clean formulated, hormone responsive skincare solutions.

We’re part of a new wave of brands and retailers that are reinventing lifestyle products for what we call at Caire ‘grown ups.’ Our skincare for grown up women is designed with female biology at its heart,” said Celeste.

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By researching how natural and normal hormone change directly affects skin quality over 40, over 50, and beyond, Caire helps women to amplify their sense of self, using current science, wrapped in an anti-agism attitude,” added Celeste.

Caire was recently featured in SOUTHERN LIVING, W MAGAZINE, NEW BEAUTY, BYRDIE, CEW, the Beauty Independent, The Wall Street Journal, and on

The brand was also a top finalist in Pharrell Willam’s Black Ambition initiative, from more than 1700 applications.

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