RyRy Compact: Sustainable, Portable Car Seats For Children.

RyRy Compact: a new, sustainable, and portable car seat start-up for children. RyRy’s products are perfectly sized for ALL cars, incl. sporty, and family SUV’s.

RyRy Compact’s Founder Leah Davis was fed up with dragging her daughter’s car seat(s) through the airport, and clogging up the hallway with big, bulky car seats. Therefore, she set out to find a solution. The result? She designed and created her own car seat, the RyRy Scallop.

The birth of Leah and James’ first child, and brand namesake, Ryleigh, had the couple searching high and low for a car seat that provided the reassurance of the highest safety standards, whilst being easily portable for holidays. The final straw came when arriving on a family holiday in Portugal. The local taxi driver refused to take them in his car, as they didn’t have an appropriate car seat for their toddler.

After years of research, rigorous design, and a pandemic, the RyRy Scallop came as the first product under the RyRy Compact brand. Initially launched in 2019, the product adheres to the latest EU R129 certification (the highest on the market today), giving maximum protection for front and rear impact, and for side impact, with its’ built in SiP technology: it’s the size of hand-luggage (52x45x25cm), and it weighs a tiny 9kg. 

Also, each RyRy Scallop uses sustainably-sourced, anti-bacterial Merino Wool, and plant-based polymer foam for its comfortable seats. The travel bags are made from recycled PET yarn (with old plastic water bottles). RyRy Compact is also an Official Partner of the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, funding the removal of 5kg of plastic from the world’s oceans for every car seat sold.

“Most car seat brands overlook size and convenience for parents. At RyRy Compact, we believe that smaller is better,” said RyRy Compact’s founder and mumpreneur, Leah Davis.

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“Smaller because no one has enough space anymore, smaller because it’s easier to get around, and smaller because we use less of the planet’s resources. Small just fits with our way of life. Safety and sustainability were non-negotiable aspects for us, and we feel that we have created a stylish product that we want to use, and hopefully others will too,” added Leah.

Prior to launching RyRy Compact, Leah had a successful career in sports marketing, most notably as the Marketing Director for Team GB during the London 2012 era, up until 2018.

She has since run her own sports marketing consultancy.

Find out more here: https://ryrycompact.com