Annie Curli: The Hair Care Brand (For Curly And Wavy Hair).

Founded by a British-Pakistani artist named Annie Khalid, Anni Curli is a women-led business, featuring hair care products for all types of curly and wavy hair.

Launched in 2019, The range includes a shampoo, a conditioner, a curl cream, a curl foam, and a leave-in conditioner. The products are budget-friendly and multi-purpose, meaning that customers won’t have to spend too much to get great curls.

“There are people out there from all kinds of backgrounds and ethnicities with hair just like mine, and it’s my mission, and my brands mission to help them manage their hair, and to help them to reach their true curl potential, and give them the confidence to wear their hair naturally every single day,’”said Annie.

Growing up in east London, Annie noticed how there wasn’t any representation for South Asians like her with curly hair, and with all the pretty girls at school with dead straight hair, she didn’t feel beautiful. She wanted to manage her curls, so she started to research on the internet, and that was the start of her curly hair journey.

“I began to experiment with different products, and I spent a lot of money trying things that never worked for my hair, and this has been the story of my life for the most part. I always found that a product didn’t give me 100% what I needed from it, and most products made my hair feel like straw,” recalled Annie.

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Annie worked in Bollywood before getting involved in hair care formulation courses, to understand how hair care formulation works. In the end, it took her approximately five years to create a range she was proud of.

Although Annie Curli launched just before COVID-19, Annie still managed to generate over 200k followers on social media, with 100% of her sales coming from Instagram.

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