The Herbtender®: Natural Supplements From Ancient Herbs.

The Herbtender®: a range of natural wellness supplements to help you thrive, formulated with ancient herbs and adaptogens for stress, sleep, fatigue, and focus.

Upon making its retail launch in Selfridges in July 2022, The Herbtender® aims to make cognitive nutrition and resilience as commonplace as sports nutrition and fitness, using centuries of knowledge and know-how passed through generations.

Adaptogens have a natural ability to normalise the body, finding equilibrium whatever the cause of imbalance. These special herbs and mushrooms have each developed ‘adaptogenic’ qualities as the result of their evolution in harsh conditions – the ability to adapt being necessary to their survival. As a result, they possess numerous beneficial powers, from reducing stress and aiding sleep, to enhancing focus, performance, and immunity.

“It could be said that we’re living in the age of anxiety, with ever growing stresses on our lives. At The Herbtender, our belief is in the timeless wisdom of plants that humans have relied upon for thousands of years,” said Founders Mark and Laura Neville.

“We understand that acting in harmony with nature is the only remedy that really works. Our antra is bend, don’t break – a daily reminder that the reed that bends in the wind is stronger than the oak that breaks. In stressful times, resilience is key, empowering us to adapt, re-balance and come back stronger every day,” they said.

Expertly formulated and trialed in the UK by the medical herbalist, Schia Mitchell Sinclair MNIMH RCST, the supplements build natural resilience and include powerful adaptogenic blend to nourish your vital force. The adaptogen wellness supplements include seven products: Rise & Shine, Calm & Collected, Doze & Dream, Focus & Clarity, Daily Defence, Perform & Recover, and Uplift & Revitalise.

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Based in London, The Herbtender® was established in 2021 by Laura and Mark Neville. Mark, who is an entrepreneur, runs a protein drink brand called Upbeat®, and Laura is a successful graphic designer with a career spanning fashion, travel, and wellness. More recently, she created the brand for one of the UK’s leading vegan restaurants, Stem & Glory, in Cambridge and London.

As a couple, they both have a keen interest in natural and healthy alternatives, so they ordered some products online containing Ashwagandha to help with sleep issues caused by the unrelenting stress of lock-down, and the new dynamics of juggling parenting with work.

What followed, was a joint journey into their wellness, and a passion for adaptogenic herbs that can help with many stress-related needs, like anxiety, focus, immunity, performance and fatigue. They met with a herbalist who also lives in Cambridge, Schia Mitchel Sinclair, to talk to her about adaptogens, and to pitch their business idea to her. They hit it off immediately, and they found that they were like-minded in many ways.

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