Presca Sportswear: Produced From 100% Post Consumer Waste.

Presca Sportswear: the eco-friendly sportswear brand that’s on a mission to do good for the planet. The products are made from 100% post consumer waste.

Presca Sportswear came to market thanks to Rob Webbon, who has a degree in Environmental Science, and an MA in Environmental Coastal Engineering.

He wanted to create beautiful, high-quality sportswear for those who are passionate about caring for the planet.

Also involved in the business is Lily, who holds a degree in performance sportswear design. Lily has worked in the sportswear industry for over ten years. Now, she works with Presca Sportswear to create impeccable sports and active-wear pieces, with the lowest environmental impact possible.

Presca Sportswear began in 2014. It was originally named ‘GRN Sportswear.’ GRN Sportswear produced t-shirts and cycling jerseys that were made from bamboo and recycled plastic bottles.

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In 2020, the brand re-launched as Presca Sportswear. Their launches to date include the ‘Conscious Capsule Collection’ (which is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste), and the ‘Life Cycle Collection’ (which consists of hoodies that are made from organic waste fabric, and t-shirts that are made from recycled waste fabric).

The planet is burning up. There’s no time to waste in transitioning the extremely damaging fashion industry to a much more positive model. We don’t believe that “sustainable” is good enough anymore. We need the industry to become more “positive” in everything it does,” said Rob Webbon.

I’m proud that Presca is leading the way in this regard. We have a lot of work to do until we can genuinely show a positive impact in every area of the business, but our aim is very clear,” concluded Rob.

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