Nutrition Geeks: On A Mission To Improve The Nation’s Health

Launched in 2020, Nutrition Geeks are on a mission to improve the health + well-being of its customers, WITHOUT compromising on quality, the earth, or the bank.

Although the business launched in 2020, Rishi Shah, Jai Shah, and Dayo Kamson came up with the idea for Nutrition Geeks before the pandemic.

In fact, entering the health and wellness market has been in the back of this business trio’s minds for a while.

There was an underlying hunch that the vitamins, minerals, and supplements sector needed disrupting. Why? Because it was filled to the brim with companies making super-abnormal margins, with outdated marketing and distribution models, and… inefficient operations.

In response to these market issues, Nutrition Geeks specialises in uncomplicated nutritional products, with information that’s easily accessible to everyone (delivered sustainably).

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Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring, confusing or expensive. At Nutrition Geeks, we simplify the nutrition, and we make it fun,” said the three Founders.

Rishi is an experienced investment professional (who worked as a global asset manager; managing life insurance accounts), Jai is a healthcare sector expert in nutrition and diagnostic testing, and Dayo is a qualified accountant, and a finance leader, with extensive industry experience.

Nutrition Geeks are proud to have scooped up various awards wins since launching.

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