Truthpaste: Toothpaste With Minerals And Organic Botanicals.

Truthpaste‘s toothpaste formula is unique: there’s no foaming agents, no colourants and no artificial preservatives. Also, the products are vegan and palm free.

The mineral bases are mixed with organic botanical blends, resulting in bold flavours and long lasting freshness that cares for the health of the whole mouth through antibacterial and anti-inflammatory organic oils.

Marisa Battrick launched Truthpaste in 2014 after a toothache, which inspired her to experiment with natural ingredients and home remedies. Initially, she ran Truthpaste as a side hustle alongside her teaching job, however, in 2018, she decided to focus on the business full time.

Since launching with support from the Princes Trust, Marisa has planted 7000+ trees, and she’s won numerous awards.

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I wanted to create products that really enhanced the health and well being of our customers, whilst celebrating the amazing benefits of nature’s botanical ingredients,” said Marissa.

After suffering from toothache and inflamed gums, I spent a lot of time researching natural ingredients and finding out which oils are best for their proven antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in oral care. I wanted a product that wouldn’t harm the environment – something that was simple, clean and honest, so I made it myself,” added Marissa.

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