AWKN: The Hangover Supplement – Created With Korean Remedies

AWKN is a five-female-led brand that provides a hangover prevention supplement – created with traditional Korean remedies and scientifically-proven ingredients.

Fueled by the desire to bring people together – following the 2020 lock-down, the AWKN seed was planted by friends, Amabel Clark, Lucy Coddington, and Nina Song, and sisters, Soom and Tess Kim.

Having experienced the power of traditional Korean hangover remedies (and the growth of the K-wellness movement), the five founders embarked on a journey to combine the best of Eastern traditions and Western science. They realised that they all shared a common struggle of the ‘Asian Flush,’ during social occasions.

Also, hangover prevention products are quite popular throughout Asia. So by seizing the opportunity to fill a gap in the Western market, the founders set out to create a product that can be routinely incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, allowing people to balance nights out – with a shorter recovery time.

And with a variety of backgrounds across finance, business, chemical engineering, and graphic design, the founders pooled their expertise into this new brand; ensuring that the products included high-quality, natural ingredients.

“AWKN is all about balance – balance between modern science and traditional formulations. Balance between productive days, and indulgent nights. The idea was planted during our last night out before the big lock-down, and we developed this product over thousands of virtual calls before arriving where we are today. At AWKN, we want to help you conquer your days, by aiding the body’s recovery after a night out,” said AWKN’s Tess Kim.

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The power-packed blend is packaged into convenient sachets for easy consumption before and during a night out.

After months of intensive research with one of the top health and functional food product manufacturers in Korea (alongside various iterations of the product, and rigorous testing), AWKN’s eponymous product was born. And this was achieved whilst the founders were working full time jobs.

AWKN finally launched in the UK in February 2022 (having originally been selling into the US and Europe since August the same year), and with the foundational work laid out this year, the founders expect brand growth to accelerate.

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