Feel Complete: A Premium Gut Health And Digestive Supplement

Feel Complete: the one-of-a-kind gut health formula that’s rooted in science and inspired by nature. It’s the UK’s first-of-a-kind premium digestive supplement.

Launched in December 2022, Feel Complete is empowering people by taking a science-driven approach via its flagship product – a 3-in-1 Gut Supplement, which launched last month in January 2023. The product combines five digestive enzymes, six organic botanicals, and 12 billion probiotics – to create the only blend of its kind in the UK.

Taken in capsule form alongside regular meals, this proven, all-natural ingredient combo works in harmony to: 1. support and optimize digestive health, 2. break down food in the stomach, 3. balance harmful bacteria that can grow in the gut, and 4. reduce symptoms associated with IBS, and digestive discomfort.

As well as the above, the formula also includes digestive enzymes, probiotics, and botanicals to: 1. help with food digestion, 2. fight disease, and 3. calm and soothe the digestive system.

The supplement is a small part of what Feel Complete is doing to make better digestive health and gut freedom a national priority. Everyone who purchases a subscription from Feel Complete gains automatic access to an expert team of medical professionals, including 121 consultations with a doctor or nutritionist – at no extra cost.

Other subscriber perks include: free online guides to support healthier living, a free ‘ask me anything’ portal with a team of nutritionists on hand, and an easy-to-follow 30-day digestive health program.

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“Our supplement is created from research-focused ingredients that are ethically-sourced without any additives or bulking agents that are rooted in science and inspired by nature. Our goal to revolutionize how people think about gut health,” said Feel Complete’s Founder, Aaron Providence.

Growing up in a poor area, Feel Complete’s Founder, Aaron Providence realised that nutrition and following the right diet was not considered a priority. When he moved away from home, he met people from other backgrounds, and he became a husband, and a father of three. This was when he decided to reconsider his diet as a priority.

By growing up with siblings with IBS, Aaron was always aware of the suffering and the pain that some people live with (20% of the UK). However, when he learned that over 50% of IBS sufferers do so in silence, and that 60% of IBS sufferers also suffer with depression and anxiety, his desire to find a natural solution entered new heights.

Despite starting a career in banking and finance, he never forgot his dream of owning his own health and well-being brand, so he saved up enough money to quit his job and launch Feel Complete. Since launching the business, Feel Complete has generated some positive reviews on Trustpilot, and his team of experts are frequently seen in national news – discussing the poo taboo and potentially dangerous food, health, and wellness.

Find out more here: https://feelcomplete.com