Check Out Aromatherapy Salts And Sprays, By Rebecca Brendish

Set up in 2021 by Rebecca Brendish, Aromatherapy Salts & Sprays = organic, artificial-free products that include essential oils (for their therapeutic benefits).

Aromatherapy Salts & Sprays is a luxurious range of products. The essential oils used are made from a highly concentrated plant extract, which is known to greatly improve well-being.

Every ingredient is sustainably-sourced, and each product is hand-made with love. The products are organic, they’re made in small batches, and they’re formulated without harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Prior to launching Aromatherapy Salts & Sprays, Rebecca Brendish worked as a nursing assistant at a hospital before starting her own family. She was inspired to start the business – because both of her children have disabilities.

“My daughter has spent a lot of time in hospital and off school, so I wanted to start a business that had meaning. My son is autistic and he’s always struggled with his sleep, and my daughter’s medication can cause her to have anxiety problems due to it’s side effects,” said Rebecca.

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According to Rebecca, ‘the products have made a huge difference to [her] family.’ And despite having learning disabilities herself, Aromatherapy Salts & Sprays has been nominated for two National British Recognition Awards, ‘Business Mum of the Year,’ and a small business award, too.

“It’s important to find a balance in life, especially when it comes to families. I like to keep things simple,” said Rebecca.

“Introducing aromatherapy into my daily routine has changed my whole outlook on life. Here at Aromatherapy Salts & Sprays, our goal is to help you to find your balance, so that you can experience life in a new way,” said Rebecca.

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