Natural, Organic Wellness Products For Muscle + Joint Health

Launched in 2020 by Celine Ivari, WholyMe = wellness products – made with quality, natural ingredients – for improving and maintaining muscle and joint health.

Prior to launching WholyMe, Celine Ivari worked for big pharma companies in medical education, after studying Genetics of Human Disease and Human Biology. Then, she set up a hair-loss clinic in London with her mother, the Meshkati Hair Centre, which is one of the leading high-end hair loss clinics in Europe, today.

“My mother struggled with an autoimmune condition, which was aggravated by her stressful lifestyle. Whilst helping her to get into remission by using a holistic approach, I realised that pain is inherent to our modern lifestyle, yet it is mismanaged and misunderstood,” said Celine.

“Body pains are growing exponentially – with more and more people turning to over-the-counter pain medication for lifestyle-inherent issues. I decided to make it my mission to transform pain management, so I launched WholyMe – a natural consumer goods brand, that addresses lifestyle inherent pains,” said Celine.

In the early days, WholyMe manufactured small batches first, to obtain feedback on product effectiveness from a dedicated group of early adopters. All raw materials were tested, retested, and analysed for purity and potency.

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Now, the WholyMe range includes relief balms, relief drops, and relief salts – made with innovative combinations of natural ingredients, for maintaining muscle and joint health (in recyclable and reusable packaging).

Since launching, WholyMe has been featured in Vogue, Stylist, and Metro.

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