The ‘Interchangeable Door Knocker’ System, By Yorkshire Foundry

Yorkshire Foundry has launched a new and innovative product – that transforms the appearance of front doors. Meet the ‘Interchangeable Door Knocker’ system.

Yorkshire Foundry is renowned for its beautifully-designed, high-quality door knockers. Now, homeowners can quickly and easily customize their entryways – to reflect their personality, the seasons, and their mood.

Established in 2020 by Ben and Rob, Yorkshire Foundry has quickly gained recognition – for its commitment to ethical supply chains, sustainability, and the use of durable materials. Located on the edge of the picturesque North York Moors, the company’s door knockers are designed in York, and they’re cast by a family-run foundry.

Ben’s background is in casting non-ferrous metals. He is now the engineering director – managing the design and the manufacturing of the company’s door knockers and cupboard handles. Rob is a lawyer by trade. As the company’s CEO, he now handles all business responsibilities – focusing on delivering well-made products to customers.

The inspiration behind the creation of the brand – came from the founders’ love for nature, and their desire to bring a touch of the countryside into everyday life. Initially focused on crafting nature-inspired cupboard door handles, the founders soon received requests for door knockers, too.

This led to the development of the innovative interchangeable door knocker system, which allows customers to have multiple designs, and easily switch between them.

“We’ve put in hundreds of hours of design work – to create high-end, artisanal products that can be easily swapped out to keep things interesting and seasonal, and to reflect the homeowner’s personality,” said Yorkshire Foundry’s CEO, Rob.

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The Kickstarter campaign launched by Yorkshire Foundry last spring was a tremendous success, surpassing its funding goal by 300% in just 36 hours.

Since then, the products have been dispatched to homes across the globe; reaching places as diverse as Chile, New Zealand, and the USA. While facing challenges posed by the current cost of living crisis, Yorkshire Foundry has remained successful, by prioritizing ethical supply chain management, and sustainable materials.

By working closely with a local family-owned foundry that uses recycled metal and wax in their casting process, the company ensures a reduced carbon footprint.

“Sustainability is in our DNA. We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, as well as ensuring that our products stand the test of time, both in design and durability,” said Ben.

The door knockers are made from a high-quality, marine-grade corrosion-resistant bronze alloy; ensuring longevity and resistance to the elements. Their door knockers are not only beautiful, but they’re built to last.

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