Hygge Sheets: Making Potty Training Easier For Kids + Parents

Hygge Sheets are dedicated to creating mattress protectors that are designed for bed-wetting – easing the nighttime potty training process for kids and parents.

Having experienced the difficulties of this transition firsthand with their own children (aged 4 and 6), Catherine and Paul were determined to develop a product that would alleviate some of the stress associated with nighttime accidents. Hygge Sheets is a novel design, that combines functionality and comfort – to ensure a more seamless experience for children and their parents.

Since its inception 18 months ago, Hygge Sheets has garnered international recognition and acclaim. The founders have been astounded by the overwhelming interest in their product, which has already sold thousands of units worldwide. In addition to selling its products directly, Hygge Sheets has also partnered with Eric Charity, a Bladder and Bowel Charity in the UK.

Through this collaboration, the company aims to support and assist more families who are facing the challenges of bed-wetting. Moreover, Hygge Sheets has recently expanded its offering, by launching a children’s book titled “It’s OK,” said bed: A children’s story to support night-time potty training.”

This heartwarming book serves as a valuable resource for children and parents – offering guidance and reassurance during the transition from nappies to dry nights.

Paul, a former Project Manager, made the decision to focus solely on Hygge Sheets, after leaving his full-time job – to ensure the company’s success. Meanwhile, Catherine continues to balance her role as a Digital Product Owner alongside running the business. Their joint efforts and expertise have propelled Hygge Sheets into a rapidly growing enterprise.

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“We have been blown away by the interest in Hygge Sheets, and the company is going from strength to strength. Sales have seen a significant year-on-year growth, especially after a highly successful start to 2023 in the UK, and an incredible launch in the US,” said Catherine.

“We are thrilled to be expanding into the German market next month. We began with three signature products and a book. In the next six months, we have plans to introduce five more products, and to explore new international markets,” added Catherine.

Hygge Sheets is revolutionizing the nighttime potty training experience – providing parents and children with practical solutions and emotional support.

Find out more here: https://hygge-sheets.com