Anti75: The Antiviral Hand Sanitiser That Takes Skincare Into Consideration

Anti75 is a trusted, antiviral hand sanitiser that has developed a sustainable and healthy skincare product for hand hygiene and healthy skin.

With robust research and testing, Anti75 has produced a high-performance product that provides protection for you and your loved ones with no compromise on skincare, and uses premium and plant-based natural ingredients.

Vegan friendly and natural, Anti75 is a nourishing anti-viral hand gel made from 75% plant based alcohol with added essential oils to sooth, hydrate, restore and uplift. 

And, it contains essential oils to enhance natural defences, include soothing Aloe Vera, nourishing May Chang, restoring Orange, and relieving Petitgrain, with Spearmint to increase the skin’s resilience.

The brand was founded by two experienced, creative entrepreneurs, Ross Cairns and Graeme Dignan, who collectively have over 40 years FMCG expertise and success behind them.

Their creation, Anti75 – complies with the standards listed by WHO and HSE to protect yourselves and others from the spread of viruses, and is manufactured in the UK.

Co-founder Graeme Dignan commented: “Like everyone else, we witnessed how the pandemic took hold and realised that we all needed access to protection that works. Our focus was to develop a product that was fully certified biocide rather than just a cosmetic grade and that was effective.’

They wanted to make sure that sustainability was a core part of their operation. Anti-75 is sustainably packaged, cruelty free, vegan friendly, uses organic oils and plant based alcohol and it doesn’t suffer from the problems of stickiness that so many others do.

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