Insect Protein Start-up, Protein Rebel – Wins A European Sports Nutrition Award

Insect protein-powder start-up, Protein Rebel – has won the ‘Most Sustainable Product’ award in the prestigious European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards, thanks to its’ post-workout powder, which contains cricket and plants.

Not too long ago, we shared the wonders of their cricket and plant-based powder, along with their founder Tim Boote demonstrating his delicious drinks in a PRODUCTcast.

So it’s no surprise that the business has now been honoured with the ‘Most Sustainable Product’ award by the ESSNawards, which are designed to honour the most successful products within the sports nutrition world.

Founder of Protein Rebel Tim Boote said: “We launched Protein Rebel less than six months’ ago and so we’re incredibly proud to be acknowledged as a leading player in the sports nutrition industry. For Reload to be named Europe’s most sustainable sports nutrition product recognises the environmental credentials of the ingredients we’ve chosen, particularly our UK-farmed powdered crickets.”

Launched in August 2020, Protein Rebel provides sustainable and all-natural high protein powders, with a range including two vegan varieties (Recover and Replace) and Reload, which contains the novel ingredient of crickets. 

Unlike whey-based protein powders, crickets are highly sustainable, as they require very little land, water and feed, and only emit one gram of CO2 for every kilo, whilst cows on the other hand – emit nearly 3000 grams of carbon for every kilo of beef.

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As well as being a sustainable choice, crickets are perfect for boosting protein levels as they contain more protein than beef, and they’re also full of fibre, iron and various other vitamins and minerals.

Founder Tim added: “It’s great that the sports industry is putting a spotlight on sustainability as it needs to develop more products with this in mind, taking into account ingredients, product development and packaging. We look forward to pushing forward the sustainability agenda with our eco-friendly range.

Protein Rebel is shaking-up the protein powder market with 100% natural protein supplements that are great for the body, good for the gut and kind to the planet.

Containing no synthetic ingredients, whey or micronutrient blends, Protein Rebel’s products are packed full of nutritious ingredients and new types of protein, such as crickets and plants, that have a low planetary impact.

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