Dei Skincare: 100% Natural Skincare: Lovingly Hand-made In The UK With Organic Ingredients And Clay Powders

Launched in April this year (2021), – Dei Skincare provides 100% natural skincare products, which are lovingly hand-made in the UK with organic certified ingredients, + clay powders, – designed to soothe, recharge, + replenish your skin.

The business was Founded by Mari – who previously worked in the corporate sector (as a Client Support Manager for a market research company based in Oxfordshire). After her pregnancy, her skin suddenly became really sensitive. This drove Mari to create her own face oils and balms after she discovered the ‘special powers’ in pure plant oils and powdered extracts. 

“I have always been a firm believer in natural products, and like a lot of women, I found that pregnancy changed my skin completely: it became very sensitive, and it started to break out easily. As a new mum, I try to minimise our contact with chemicals in the products we use, so I decided that a great way to ensure that I knew exactly what ingredients were going into my skincare products was to make them myself, using only 100% natural ingredients,” explained Mari.

After extensive research and months of DIY ingredient and product trials, DEI was born. The business provides small batches (hand-made) of premium quality, exclusively in-house formulated products, – for both men and women. Their products contain NO silicones, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives, and are suitable for all skin types (they’re not tested on animals, either).

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Despite the brand’s young age, DEI Skincare has already delighted hundreds of satisfied customers with a variety of feedback and positive reviews.

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