MUDD Beauty Is Rebranding To ‘Aura-Lotus.’

MUDD Beauty (famous for enhancing their customer’s beauty, – without endangering their skin), is rebranding to ‘Aura-Lotus.’

For legal reasons, the beauty brand has decided to move forward as ‘Aura-Lotus.’ However, they’ll continue to maintain the exact same products, principles, and ethics, – whilst introducing new ways to be more sustainable, – not to mention their fresh new appearance (and logo, of course). Aura-Lotus will also continue to deliver the perfect balance of high-colour pigments, botanicals, and natural oils (without using toxic chemicals). 

Aura-Lotus’ Founder, Alixzondra Samuda explained: “with the company’s continued focus on natural ingredients and sustainability, we will continue forward with the same values and ethics. However, customers can expect a more well-founded experience, as we focus on becoming more sustainable.”

Initially launched in November 2017, Aura-Lotus is a Birmingham-based company that is dedicated to creating and inspiring a healthier way to enhance your beauty, – without compromising on your skin, endocrine system, or the environment. It was their use of natural ingredients (shea butter, olive oil, lavender, and kaolin, – to mention a few) – that propelled them into the spotlight.

Their products are free from animal-derived ingredients, and they’re NOT tested on animals. 

The business was launched by Alixzondra Samuda who graduated from Coventry University in 2016 with a master’s in business psychology.

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After her undergraduate degree in graphic design and media studies, Alixzondra was initially considering a career in the education sector, where she previously studied for a PGCE. However, her mother was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, and she quickly realised that she would regret the opportunities she never seized.

This abrupt illness triggered Alixzondra to adopt a new, healthier, organic lifestyle: she quickly became more conscious of her exposure to certain substances and toxins. And this led her to start questioning the formulas of the cosmetics products she was using at the time: although they looked great, there was no evidence to suggest that they were doing great.

After researching the industry extensively, Alixzondra Samuda quickly became aware of a new gap in the market: high-quality makeup made with natural ingredients for women with deeper skin tones. And it was at this moment that she decided to follow her gut instinct, and ‘take the plunge.’

She launched her liquid lipsticks at an event at The Cube in the Mailbox Birmingham, and she was overwhelmed by the success: her products instantly sold out. This was quickly followed by another sold out success at a famous beauty show called ‘Beauty UK,’ which is held at Birmingham’s NEC.

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