View-You Cam: The World’s First Movable Webcam

View-You Cam is the world’s first movable webcam, allowing people to make better eye contact when communicating through video platforms, such as Zoom and Teams.

The View-You Cam is a high-quality, HD web-cam that makes talking online more meaningful, more real, and more enjoyable. In other-words, NO MORE forehead-to-forehead communication!

It all started when View-You Cam’s Founders Dan Baker and Jonathan Pykett had a light-bulb moment, whilst they were running an online training course back in 2019. “I was getting increasingly frustrated that the necessity to look up into the camera to appear engaging and focussed, meant that I couldn’t look at the course delegates down on the screen,” explained Dan.

“This meant that I couldn’t read the room. I simply couldn’t gauge whether participants were interested, keeping up, or engaged or not. So I said to Jonathan who was looking after tech for the training, that there must be some sort of device out there, which means that the camera can be moved round the screen,” added Dan.

And that’s how it all started.

Prior to launching View-You Cam, Dan spent ten years as a reporter and an on-screen presenter at ITV Central News. He had his own weekly current affairs show, before moving into corporate communications (and occasionally winning a coveted CIPR Excellence Award for Crisis Communications Management), and now, along with View-You Cam, he runs his own communications consultancy, called PLC Media.

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View-You Cam’s other Co-Founder, Jonathan Pykett had a brief stint at BBC producing graphics, filming, and working as a technical specialist, before side-stepping into managing 3D animation and motion graphics, where he spent six years overseeing a team creating animations for the likes of National Grid and Center Parcs. Since 2015, he’s run his own Film and Animation company, which thrives with big clients, such as Network Rail and Adidas.

More recently, Both Dan And Jonathan both appeared on BBC Dragons’ Den, asking for a £150k investment. Despite not securing investment from any of the Dragons, the experience and the exposure from the show enabled them to go on and secure investment elsewhere.

“It’s a shame that we didn’t attract any investment from the Dragons, but to receive such positive feedback from some of the best-known, brightest business brains in Britain really bolstered our confidence, both in ourselves, and with the View-You Cam. Thus, it gave us the boost we needed to go out, and to find an investor elsewhere,” said Dan.

During the show, Deborah Meaden described the View-You Cam as “genius.” Peter Jones thought it was “great,” and Sara Davies said: “I think the product is brilliant. You have solved a real problem.” Currently, the View-You Cam is trademarked with a worldwide patent pending, and pre-orders can be placed on their website, with shipping anticipated this Autumn 2022.

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