How A Mother With A Rare Disease Launched Two Skincare Ranges

A mother-of-five named Asal Shirazi (who was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma) launched Essentiel Vie and Jeunvie from her own experiences of her condition.

Asal (who’s 57 years old) was awarded with a British Empire Medal.

The mother-of-five has dedicated her life to helping thousands of vulnerable people, despite battling the rare autoimmune condition, systemic scleroderma.

Systemic scleroderma is where the immune system attacks the connective tissue under the skin and around the organs, causing the skin and tissue to harden and tighten.

Asal was diagnosed with the condition in 2003 (aged 38). She was given five years to live with medication. However, she didn’t let this hold her back. Instead, she went on to study medicine at University, and she mentored vulnerable adults and children. NEXT UP, she formulated her own ethical skincare range.

My fingers would go completely numb and white. It was quite painful. I also started to get spasms in my stomach. When I was first diagnosed, because of my background in training and learning about skincare and formulations, I realised that one of the things that might have triggered this disease, was the make up I wore. As a result, I decided to make products I could use, that would be safe for my daughters to use as well,” said Asal.

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Although Asal started to make products around twenty years ago for her own personal use, she only registered JEUNVIE in 2013, after her children insisted on it. JEUNVIE’s range includes collagen eye gel, a foaming facial cleanser, a floral toner, an anti-blemish rejuvenating serum, a soothing eczema balm, anti wrinkle, argan oil, mama oil, collagen capsules, and collagen powder.

In 2021, she incorporated her second brand, Essentiel Vie (which specialises in skincare essentials for mothers). The brand won a Health & Beauty Wellness Award this year (2022) for “Best Family Well-being Brand.”

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