Support Women In Bangladesh By Buying a Hand-Stitched ‘Khushi Kantha’ Baby Blanket

Launched on 22nd April 2021 for International Mother Earth Day, Khushi Kantha (meaning “Happy Blanket”) sells beautiful, vibrant, and multi-purpose baby blankets made from reclaimed and ethically-sourced cotton, which are hand-stitched by mothers in Bangladesh.

Doodie Stark Launches Stylish Scarf-Masks, The ‘Doodiescarf.’

Independent women’s fashion boutique, Doodie Stark launches its’ first collection of scarf-masks, the ‘doodiescarf.’

Careaux: Finally. A Luxury, Inclusive Dress That Actually Fits You.

Manchester-based fashion startup, Careaux is changing how women approach their wardrobe(s), with their unique range of inclusive dresses that divide(s) into a perfectly fitted top and skirt, thanks to their revolutionary new waist-zip concept.