Sustainable, Plastic-Free Firewood Startup, Love Logs – Branches Out Into BBQ + Charcoal Products

Following on from a blazing start to 2021, Midlands-based firewood start-up, Love Logs has just launched their BRAND NEW barbecue and charcoal products, their ‘Smoking Fuel Kit,’ their ‘Barbecue Fuel Kit,’ and their ‘Smoking Chunks.’

Heather From Love Logs: Planet-Friendly Firewood

For this week’s Gramersi PRODUCTcast, we invited Heather Emery from Love Logs to talk about her firewood brand.

Love Logs: The UK’s First Plastic-Free, Fully-Sustainable Firewood Retailer

The UK’s first ever plastic-free, fully-sustainable firewood retailer, Love Logs – has ignited a whole host of successes since its’ launch just four months ago, and is set for another year of success.