LOOK LABS Becomes The World’s First Fragrance To Translate The Scent Of Their Perfume Into NFT Artwork

Contemporary Berlin studio, LOOK LABS (in collaboration with Montréal artist Sean Caruso), has launched the world’s first digital fragrance encoded into NFT artwork. 

Not too long ago, LOOK LABS introduced their innovative perfume with an electronic label to the world.

Now, the brand has extracted the fragrance of their physical Cyber Eau De Parfum, by using near-infrared spectroscopy represented in the art piece itself in the form of spectrum data, or in its abbreviation word, non-fungible tokens, which is part of a form of cryptocurrency in the digital art industry.

Each NFT comes with a physically redeemable collector’s edition of Cyber Eau De Parfum as the German studio is now surfing on the emerging trend of NFTs, and how luxury products will appeal in the future to a new generation of consumers.

With a limited edition of 10 (ten), the NFTs are redeemable with a physical special edition of the fragrance, which incorporates a printed-electronics label that blinks in red, as represented in the NFT artwork. Head here to place a bid, or to buy it outright.

First edition owners of the NFT will receive the collector’s edition of the fragrance signed by the creators and additional hi-resolution versions of the artwork, and each future NFT owner can redeem the physical version of the fragrance for an additional fee. 

Sean Caruso’s (SCVisions) works have been presented internationally at established festivals with notable projects being his 360° remix of Beeple’s film “Transparent Machines” and “Cernunnos,” an abstract, immersive film exploring CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. 

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He said: “For the NFT, I was inspired by the original packaging and bottle of the CYBER Eau de Parfum. I wanted a photorealistic render of the bottle with the illuminated label and the NIR data represented as a colorful spectrogram, contrast to the Gigeresque styled platter.” 

The Cyber EDP (Eau de Parfum) is the first unisex fragrance with an illuminated label, embedded printed electronics, and a focus on sustainable materials, with a fragrance inspired by sci-fi movies.

The physical version of the perfume is dropping exclusively online on April 11th in very limited quantities. An NFT token with special content will be issued for each item sold.

To get into the drop list, visit: https://looklabs.com/cyber

And to discover Sean Caruso’s work, head to: https://scvisionsdotnet.wordpress.com