Day: 20 January 2022

Amy Anzel: From Actress And Producer, – To Hollywood Browzer

Amy Anzel has taken her love of beauty and her background in entertainment, and combined them to create Hollywood Browzer, – the #1 dermaplaning tool in the UK.

Dearbump’s Workplace Maternity Support Crowdfunds 6 Figures.

Emma Jarvis from the pregnancy subscription box, Dearbump, – has raised more than six figures through crowdfunding (to fund maternity support in the workplace).

Fearless Adventures Invests In Pets Purest (Pet Supplements)

A husband-and-wife team who found a cure for their pet pooch and turned it into one of the fastest-growing pet supplement businesses has just raised investment.

UK Vegan Skincare Demand: THE TRUTH REVEALED (By Skin Proud)

A new survey by Skin Proud has revealed that HALF OF BRITS admit that they have started to look for new, vegan skincare alternatives. See below for more info.