The Maeving RM1: The Incredibly Stylish Electric Motorcycle.

Maeving RM1: the electric motorcycle with a removable battery that can be charged from any plug socket, meaning: no gears, no petrol, no noise and no emissions.

Maeving RM1 is the future for environmentally-conscious, freedom-seeking city dwellers, with a flair for style.

Formed in 2017 by two university friends, named Seb Inglis-Jones and Will Stirrup, the brand came to life following the Paris Agreement in 2015, where Seb and Will were focused on the climate crisis. They realised that as transport is one the key contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, there was a huge opportunity to be a force for good.

The pair saw that China was the current world leader in electric bike manufacture and consumer use, with over 300 million registered vehicles, whilst the UK had just under 2,000 registrations for electric motorbikes in total. So Maeving’s aim was to create a retro-styled British built electric motorcycle with rechargeable batteries to compete with Chinese imports.

The RM1 motorcycle was launched in November 2022, and sales have been performing strong since, with only five bikes remaining for delivery in August. The bike has been highly reviewed by Motorcycle News, the UK’s biggest bike magazine, who awarded it with four stars in June 2022, and a 5/5 on built quality and reliability. 

Maeving motorcycles are designed and hand built in Coventry, the heart of the British auto industry, with big names such as Triumph, Rover, and Jaguar associated with the city. Like all electric vehicles, the Maeving RM1 has no direct emissions, and is therefore exempt from congestion charges and vehicle tax.

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Because the motorcycle is charged with electricity, there is still a small carbon footprint, but at just 39 gCO2e/mile, the RM1 outperforms all other modes of transport (including buses and the London Underground) except for cycling, walking and e-scooters.

We knew when designing the RM1 that electric motorcycles were a great way of getting around, and since we’ve gone into production, the consumer need for a low-cost, low-impact means of transportation has only grown. We now see these vehicles as a natural and convenient solution to help combat the cost-of-living crisis for many urbanites,” said the brand’s Co-Founder, Seb Inglis-Jones.

Prior to creating their brand, Will went into the private equity and corporate finance world, and Seb honed his skills in sales and marketing at several FMCG’s, including Reckitt and Danone to name just a few.

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