Want To Fix Your Mood? Try ‘Happy Paul,’ – The BRAND NEW, Mood-Enhancing, Roll-On Perfume Oil

Happy Paul is a roll-on perfume oil. The product came to life because the brand’s Founder, Paul Gerrard – had battled with depression and mental health, and so he set about inventing a product that supported others with similar struggles.

Improve Your Mental Health With The Moment Company

The three Founders of the Moment Company (Fiona McKinnon, Alex Strang and Charlie Cadbury) offer up their top tips on how you can improve your mental health.

Grab A Moment Of Calm, With The Palm-Sized Stone Device, ‘The Moment Pebble’

The Moment Company is proud to present: ‘The Moment Pebble,’ – a palm-sized, wirelessly-charged, natural stone device, – that enables you to achieve 30 second doses of mindfulness – anytime, anywhere.

‘Mindful Painting’ Startup, MasterPeace, Secures Dragon’s Den Funding, And Aims To Launch A New Product

Artistic entrepreneur, Zena El Farra (and her mindful-painting business, MasterPeace), – has secured Dragon’s Den investment from Deborah Meaden, and the brand is set to launch a BRAND NEW product to provide a more immersive painting experience for customers.

Boxcitement: Improving Your Mental Health, One Box At A Time

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, subscription box brand, Boxcitement – has been looking after their regular subscribers, by paying extra attention to their mental health (in addition to the usual physical products provided in their popular boxes).

‘Life’s Not Yoga,’ With Jacqui Burnett

For this week’s episode of the Gramersi VODcast, Jacqui Burnett, the South African financial strategist, business advisor, life coach, and the author of ‘Life’s Not Yoga,’ – tells her story, and offers her wisdom to those experiencing trauma, depression and suicidal thoughts.

‘Life’s Not Yoga’: An Author Who Suffered 9 Near-Death Experiences Tells Her Story

After suffering with NINE near-death experiences (and multiple other life traumas), author and Founder of the ‘Dare To Be Love’ movement, Jacqui Burnett – has decided to open up and tell her life-affirming story, in her new book: ‘Life’s Not Yoga.’