Philip Kingsley Has Relaunched Their Original Elasticizer To A Limited Edition Fragrance Called ‘Elasticizer Therapies’

Containing the same classic formula as their original Elasticizer, – Philip Kingsley has relaunched their Elasticizer product as a limited-edition fragrance (with the added benefits of a fragrance to evoke the senses and a feeling of wellbeing), and they’ve named it ‘Elasticizer Therapies.’

Hair-Care Brand, Shedid + Parrish Launches 6 New Products For Curly + Textured Hair

Shedid & Parrish is a hair-care brand that was created with curl and texture in mind, thanks to it’s Founder, Jessica Parrish, – who spent many years trying to find natural hair products that cared for (and styled) her curls, with little success.

Moksha Launches Their Brand New Tea Tree Oil Shampoo – To Help Tackle Dandruff

Moksha Beauty has just launched their brand new tea tree oil shampoo – to help tackle dandruff. The product has already received outstanding reviews, with over 700 5-star ratings on Amazon.

Philip Kingsley Launches New Hair Loss Range

Philip Kingsley has noticed a significant increase in their clients experiencing excessive daily hair shedding, hair loss, and hair thinning due to the stress caused by COVID-19, and now the winter temperatures are having a knock-on effect, too.

Embrace Your Natural Curls, With Olew’s Hair Care Range

British curly hair girl brand, ‘Olew’, is taking the market by storm. The brand TRIPLED their orders during lockdown, with UK women embracing their natural hair more than ever.

Bunch Skincare Launches A Revitalising Dry Shampoo As Part Of Their Haircare Range

Bunch Skincare has launched their brand new hair-care range, to propel your hair to freshness with their new, Revitalise Dry Shampoo, which is jam-packed full of benefits beyond just clean hair.

Philip Kingsley: ‘Flaky/Itchy’ Dry Shampoo Which Tackles Dandruff

Philip Kingsley’s brand new Flaky/Itchy Scalp Soothing Dry Shampoo is the first ever dry shampoo to target the root cause of dandruff, absorbing excess oil and sebum.