Home & Garden

The Urban Green Company: Sustainable Home-ware Alternatives.

Yas Batchelor’s business, ‘Urban Green Company’ – is on a mission to combat global plastic pollution, via beautiful handmade, zero-waste, sustainable alternatives.

Shida Preserved Flowers: Embracing Nature – All Year Round.

In a world where fresh blooms fade away too soon, Katherine Whitchurch’s ‘Shida Preserved Flowers’ is a fresh, sustainable alternative to traditional floristry.

Coniston Stonecrafts: Slate Workers – An Endangered Species?

“Cumbria’s rich slate workers and craftsmanship faces extinction,” warns the Heritage Crafts Association, and Coninston Stonecrafts’ owner, Brendan Donnelly.

Purscents: Pioneering Luxury Scents (With A Sustainable Edge)

Purscents: Financial Controller, Maame Sarpong – embarked on a mission to create a home fragrance brand to: 1. refresh spaces, + 2. contribute to sustainability.

The ‘Interchangeable Door Knocker’ System, By Yorkshire Foundry

Yorkshire Foundry has launched a new and innovative product – that transforms the appearance of front doors. Meet the ‘Interchangeable Door Knocker’ system.

Dreamers Who Travel: Wall Art (That Inspires You To Escape).

Launched by Caroline Towers in 2020, ‘Dreamers Who Travel’ is designed to inspire people to travel, to explore new cultures, + to create unforgettable memories.

Woven Home: Home Goods – Made From Macramé/Tapestry Weaving.

Woven Home’s Simon Middleton and Maryanne Corringham create their luxury goods – using traditional macramé and tapestry weaving, and rigid-heddle loom weaving.

Fauxquet: A Timeless Alternative To Conventional Flowers.

Fauxquet’s bouquets are created by hand, with faux flower stems. They’re hand-tied + gift-wrapped to be kept forever, rather than thrown away after a few weeks.

Jen Winnett: Sustainable Home, Gifting, + Clothing Products.

Launched in 2019 and based in the Cotswolds, Jen Winnet Art is an exciting range of eco-conscious products, including paintings, home, gifts, clothes, and bags.

Madison + Mayfair: Timeless, Luxurious Pieces For Your Home.

Launched in June 2021 by Kate Randall, Madison & Mayfair is a home décor brand that was inspired by Madison Avenue in New York, Mayfair townhouses and… London.