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Tracey Cooper: Homeware And Kitchen Textiles (Made In The UK)

Tracey Cooper launched her brand as a side hustle to pay for her daughters after school clubs and activities, before turning it into a brand in February 2021.

Always Personal: Hull Based Customised Gifts (For Loved Ones)

Every year, Always Personal sends 1000s of customised gifts to shoppers across the UK. Since launching in 2011, they’ve become a leading personalised gift firm.

Gift Wild: The Gifting Business That Supports Conservation.

Launched in 2021 by Katy Haynes, Gift Wild makes eco-friendly cards and gifts. The products are made from recycled paper/organic cotton, + they’re plastic free.

Enjoy These Luxury Hand Drawn Prints By Millie Bridget Henry

Millie Bridget Henry created her eponymous brand in 2018. She personally hand draws prints for luxury accessories + homewares at her studio in Buckinghamshire.

Dinggly Doorbell: QR Code Doorbells That Stick To Your Door.

Respond to door visitors quickly, easily and in a non-disruptive way – via speech or messaging, with a Dinggly QR code doorbell (as seen at the Ideal Home Show).

Hôrd Limited: Handmade Bespoke Leather Goods And Accessories

Originally launched in 2011 by Gemma Gilleard, Hôrd makes high quality, handmade bespoke leather goods and accessories – from British and European leather.

Fiona Matheson Studio: Scottish Inspired Artwork + Home-wares

Fiona Matheson launched her eponymous brand and studio in 2021, which is best-known for making silk scarves, cushions and beautiful Scottish-inspired paintings.

Seep: Stylish, Eco Friendly, Compostable Home Cleaning Tools

Launched by Laura Harnett in 2020, Seep are best-known for creating stylish, eco-friendly, home-cleaning tools that are 100% plastic-free, and compostable.

Green Up Your Kitchen Today – With A Vistafolia® Green Wall.

Bring your walls to life. Green up a small corner of your kitchen, or spruce up a large-scale commercial project with a Vistafolia® artificial green wall panel.

Kathryn Louise Burn (From Pyjamily And My Christmas Pyjamas)

Meet Kathryn Louise Burn, the BBC Apprentice finalist from Swindon who runs My Christmas Pyjamas + Pyjamily (formerly known as My Everyday Pyjamas). Come on in.