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Wilton: A Plant-Based Laundry Brand, With B-Corp Credentials

Founded in 2018, Wilton is a British B-Corp that makes premium, fragrance-led, plant-based laundry-care products. The brand has gained a listing in Sainsbury’s.

Refillable Candles: Meet Pott Candles’ Founder, Ailis Topley

29 year old Ailis Topley (who was announced as a ‘Forbes 30 under 30’) created her popular refillable candle brand, Pott Candles, in lock-down in November 2020.

Boost Your Children’s Creativity, With VANDALKIDS Kidswear.

VANDALKIDS: high-quality, practical, and comfortable kidswear, for kids aged 3-10. The pieces are long-lasting, and they encourage children to be more creative.

View-You Cam: The World’s First Movable Webcam

View-You Cam is the world’s first movable webcam, allowing people to make better eye contact when communicating through video platforms, such as Zoom and Teams.

BetterMe Launches Sports Apparel, With The Ukrainian Flag’s Colours.

BetterMe (a Ukraine-based healthcare company) has launched their ‘Creating Freedom Within’ collection: a matching sportswear set with the Ukrainian flag colours.

Deborah Meaden And Peter Jones Have Invested In March Muses.

Following an appearance on BBC Dragons’ Den, Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones have invested in March Muses, the luxury gift brand that represents people of colour.

McMiLLER Launches Preorders For It’s ‘Fire In The Hole’ Game

The brains behind the hugely popular ‘It’s Bananas’ game are launching a plastic-free pirate game called ‘Fire In The Hole’ (which is available for pre-order).

TINCTURE London: Non-toxic Cleaning (That Smells HEAVENLY).

TINCTURE London: award-winning cleaning and home products that are 100% natural, non-toxic, antiviral, antibacterial, sustainably-sourced, and biodegradable.

Raw Dog Food By Ethically Raised: Simple, Tasty, And Ethical

Ethically Raised is biologically-appropriate. Each ingredient is sourced transparently and ethically, ensuring that your dog eats ONLY the highest quality foods.

Wuff: “Redefining Walking Attire For Dogs And Their Owners.”

Wuff (launching on April 21st 2022) is a premium, fashion-forward dog brand, set up by Alexandra Simpson to “redefine walking attire for dogs and their owners.”