London Tech Week’s EQL:HER: Supporting Ukraine Women In Tech

London Tech Week’s EQL:HER is holding a FREE networking breakfast on Tuesday the 22nd November to support Ukrainian women in tech who have fled the Ukraine war.

London Tech Week’s EQL:HER And EQL:Pledge: For Women In Tech

Although International Women’s Day is well and truly over for this year, London Tech Week 2022’s EQL:HER and EQL:Pledge aims to continue on – the spirit of IWD.

A Pen That Will Last A Lifetime: The Bastion Bolt Action Pen

“The pen that will last for decades…” Founded by Mike Navistky, the Bastion Bolt Action Pen is a unique, high-end and high-quality writing tool like no other.

View-You Cam: The World’s First Movable Webcam

View-You Cam is the world’s first movable webcam, allowing people to make better eye contact when communicating through video platforms, such as Zoom and Teams.

Re_Threads: The Work-wear Brand That Empowers The Overlooked

Re_Threads: a work-wear brand that’s on a quest to empower the overlooked. The range includes 16 pieces: 7 items for women, 6 items for men, and 3 unisex items.

“9/10 Beauty Products Contain Micro-plastic.” True Or False?

New research by the Plastic Soup Foundation shows that 87% of products created by 10 of the best-selling cosmetics brands contain this ingredient: micro-plastic.

Meet Jake and Jess Munday (The Brains Behind ‘Custom Neon’)

Founded in Australia in 2018 by Jake and Jess Munday, Custom Neon creates stunning, custom-made signs. They’re handmade, and they’re sold in over 50 countries.

“Most Brits Now EXPECT Same Day Deliveries,” says ParcelHero

New research from the home delivery experts, ParcelHero, shows a “dramatic” change in online attitudes and expectations. The question is: can retailers deliver?

The Black British Business Awards: NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN!

Nominations have officially opened for the 2022 Black British Business Awards (The BBBAwards) ahead of their ceremony this coming September. Find out more here.

UK Vegan Skincare Demand: THE TRUTH REVEALED (By Skin Proud)

A new survey by Skin Proud has revealed that HALF OF BRITS admit that they have started to look for new, vegan skincare alternatives. See below for more info.