New Figures For June 2021 Has Revealed A 63% Increase In Corporate Insolvencies, – Compared To June Last Year (2020)

The Government’s Insolvency Service has released new figures for June 2021, which revealed a 63% increase in corporate insolvencies (1,207), – compared to the same month last year (741 in June 2020).

Yanika From Cordina Hair’s Business Advice

We sat down with Yanika Cordina from Cordina Hair, who gave us her top business tips.

UK Shoppers Are Expected To Spend £120.5BN Online in 2021 (£10BN More Than In 2020)

Following a HUGE surge in online spending in 2020 (thanks to Covid-19), UK shoppers are predicted to spend EVEN MORE money online this year (in 2021). New data suggests that up to £120.48bn could be spent on online purchases this year (in 2021), – up by £10BN on 2020’s spend.

Melitta Campbell’s Top Networking Tips

We sat down with Melitta Campbell, who shares her top networking tips with us in this video.

THE TRUTH REVEALED: The REAL Impact Of COVID19 On Business Spending

Businesses across the UK have had a ROUGH time managing their finances throughout the COVID19 pandemic, but what has REALLY been going on? What is THE TRUTH behind COVID19’s impact on business expenses across the nation? Find out here.

The Future of Working (With Sridhar From Zoho)

We sat down with Sridhar Iyengar (Managing Director, Zoho Europe), who gave us the low-down on remote working, hybrid working, and the future of work.

“The New Role of Retail” (With Sheridan&Co)

Gramersi are excited to announce their next virtual ‘MASTERcast’ event, in association with Sheridan&Co: “The New Role of Retail.”

Working From Home: Staying Or Going?

We sat down with Margaret Adewale from HR DEPT, who gave us the low-down on whether working from home will stay or go, post COVID-19.

Naturepac: The Sustainable Packaging Company That Served Joe Biden And Boris Johnson Their Coffee(s) At The G7 Summit

Naturepac is a sustainable packaging company that specialises in: compostable, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly packaging (printed and/or plain). Their ‘EarthCoat’ cup was selected by the G7’s hospitality supplier, Maggie’s Mobile Barista, – which ultimately served Joe Biden and Boris Johnson their cup(s) of coffee at the event.

Recruitment Tips For Start-ups

We sat down with Margaret Adewale from HR DEPT, who gave us the low-down on all things recruitment when it comes to start-ups, and growing your team.