Food & Drink

From Garden Shed, To Chimney Fire Coffee – To B Corporation.

Prior to launching Chimney Fire Coffee, the brand’s Founder Dan Webber worked in coffee and cocoa traceability for five years, two of which were spent in Ghana.

Novice Kitchen: Niyi Olopade’s Educational Condiments Brand.

Launched in 2021 by Niyi Olopade, Novice Kitchen is a lifestyle food and condiments brand that’s centered around the idea of cultural education in the kitchen.

Harry Specters: A Chocolatier That Employs Mostly Autistic Staff.

Harry Specters is a Cambridgeshire-based social enterprise that creates ethically-sourced, luxury chocolate – and is famous for employing mostly autistic staff.

Fungtn + Balance Coffee Team Up To Make Mushroom-Infused Coffee

Both born in 2020 during the pandemic, Fungtn and Balance Coffee have teamed up to create a coffee that’s infused with mushrooms, called ‘Lions Manes Mushroom.’

Savora Drinks Scoops Up A Great British Food Award (2022).

Savora Drinks is putting Scotland on the mixer map: ending 2022 strongly, the brand was announced as the ‘UK’s Best Mixer’ at the Great British Food Awards (2022).

Hilltop (The Honey Brand) Announces Their B Corp Credentials

Since launching in 2011, Hilltop has been on a mission to make award-winning honey sustainably. They’re the first honey brand in the UK to gain a B Corp status.

Introduce Spices To Your Cooking, With A Holy Lama Spice Drop®

Holy Lama is a family business that was started by a 43-year-old Gouri Kubair’s grandfather in India 80+ years ago. Initially, it was called Holy Lama Naturals.

GUNNA Drinks: Delicious, Planet-Friendly Craft Lemonades.

GUNNA Drinks is a delicious range of planet-friendly, healthy craft lemonades – in four different flavours. Each one inspired by a recipe from around the world.

Purely: Plantain Chips (With 30% Less Fat Than Potato Crisps)

Purely: an independent specialist producer of plantain chips (a healthier alternative to potato crisps – containing 30% less fat, WITHOUT compromising on taste).

No Guilt Bakes: Yummy Ketogenic, Sugar Free Treats + Snacks.

‘No Guilt Bakes’ launched in 2019, thanks to Taeya Abdel-Majeed + Maya Harruna. The brand makes keto + sugar-free treats + snacks, – as a low-sugar alternative.