Food & Drink

Talonmore Drinks Founder Recognised At NFU Mutual’s Inspirational Young Person Awards

The 23-year-old Founder of the non-alcoholic drinks company, Talonmore Drinks, – has been recognised at NFU Mutual’s Inspirational Young Person Awards.

The Eco-Friendly Mum: Meet Hazel From The Wood Life Project

Meet Hazel Russell: the stay-at-home mother of two, who is taking the eco-friendly market by storm, – with her business, The Wood Life Project.

A Success! Marshall + Brown @ The Speciality + Fine Food Fair

Marshall & Brown took part in the ‘Speciality & Fine Food Fair’ this year, which showcased the strength and rich diversity of the UK’s culinary scene.

‘Super DC’ (By Gusto Drinks) Has Launched Into Sainsbury’s.

Super DC by Gusto Drinks (the world’s first grab-and-go, super-strength, immunity-support vitamin drink with Vitamins D and C) has launched into Sainsbury’s.

Pip And Nut Is Launching #FashionToast 4 London Fashion Week

Pip & Nut are ‘bringing breakfast to the catwalk’ with their #FashionToast London Fashion Week comp. 5 people will win a year’s supply of peanut butter spread.

ViDrate Teams Up With McFly’s Harry Judd

ViDrate (the hydration brand) is teaming up with McFly’s Harry Judd, – as their new brand ambassador and investor (after a recent successful round of funding).

These Are The Most Planet-Destructive Foods. Should We Stop Buying Them?

Some foods are worth dying for, but is your favourite snack worth eating, if it destroys natural habitats, and wastes resources, by being shipped from the other side of the planet, – to your mouth?

Gypsy Brew Launches Two New Brews: A Craft Lager (Cushti Bok), + A Craft Cider (Django’s Halo).

Gypsy Brew is proud to announce their launch of two new brews: a craft lager (Cushti Bok), and a craft cider (Django’s Halo).

The Award-Winning Beer Brand, ‘Schwarz Mönch,’ – Has Arrived In The UK (From The Swiss Alps).

‘Schwarz Mönch’ is a special type of beer: a Schwarzbier, – straight from the Swiss Alps, which is now being brewed in the Surrey hills, – and is available in the UK.

DEFY Has Just Launched Their BRAND NEW Vegan, Organic Red Wine.

Defy (the UK-based wine producer), – has just launched their third product: a bold, vegan, organic Italian red wine from Abruzzo, – in a stylish can.