This XMAS, Veluba Launches A Christmas Lights Tour In London

Veluba is a transport + tourism business created during lock-down. They’re on a mission to: reduce congestion in London, lower pollution, + improve air quality.

ONANOFF Launches BuddyPhones® School+ And Cosmos+ (For Kids)

ONANOFF has launched two new headphone products for kids: the BuddyPhones® School+, and the BuddyPhones® Cosmos+: both are available to buy on BuddyPhones.com.

Dott’s E-Bikes Have Now Launched Onto The Streets of Paris.

Dott’s e-bikes provide(s) a simple, enjoyable, + comfortable way to travel across cities efficiently. Their e-bikes have now launched onto the streets of Paris.

BLUEBAT Has Successfully Funded Their Battery-Charging Device On Kickstarter.

BLUEBAT has successfully achieved their Kickstarter campaign goal to fund their BLUEBAT charging device, – which is now available for purchase.

Snag Tights (The Size-Inclusive, British Tights Brand) Has Partnered With ‘Care Bears’ On A Limited-Edition Collection.

Snag Tights (the size-inclusive tights brand) has announced their brand new limited-edition, 10-piece collection in partnership with Care Bears, – using illustrations of the original 80’s cartoon characters.

SleepCogni (The Insomnia-Therapy Device), – Raised Over £475K In Their First Week On Crowdcube

The innovative, UK-designed sleep-therapy solution, SleepCogni, – raised over £475K in the first week of their crowd-funding campaign on Crowdcube.

Meet Hemp MVMNT: The World’s FIRST EVER Hemp Watch Brand

Hemp MVMNT is the Scottish start-up that everyone is talking about: they’re just about to launch the world’s FIRST EVER hemp watch: stylish, sustainable and eco-friendly.

SmileTime: The Bleach-Free Teeth Whitening Brand That’s Taking The Market By Storm

Bleach: that nasty, harmful chemical that is used in most teeth-whitening products. Well. Not anymore. Now, you can whiten your teeth in a healthy, non-destructive way, – with SmileTime’s bleach-free products.

Innovo Wearable Technology: The Clinically-proven, Non-invasive Treatment For Women Suffering With Urinary Incontinence

Innovo works by delivering clinically-proven, non-invasive pelvic-floor stimulation for women suffering with urinary incontinence, via unique wearable technology. The product is an FDA-approved, CE-marked treatment.

MedicAir: The Indoor Air-Purifier, – With A 99.9% Efficiency At Killing Airborne Diseases

MedicAir is an indoor, grade-air purification technology, – that removes 99.9% of all airborne diseases, including surrogates of Covid-19, within an area of 27.5 m³.