BoomBocs® STUDIO: The Brand New Speaker (By Jonny Williams).

BoomBocs® STUDIO: the latest invention by Jonny Williams, the celebrity sound engineer. The speaker is retro and feature-packed, with a pro-audio sound quality.

LayerTree: Handmade Eco Friendly Home Furniture And Lighting

LayerTree: launched in 2012 by a husband-and-wife-team named Madeleine + Myles Bigden. The brand makes handmade eco friendly home furniture + lighting products.

UDU Games: A Handheld Motion Control Console (For Immersion)

UDU Games’ console (which is available on Kickstarter) makes mobile gaming active and engaging through motion control and AI, whilst encouraging outdoor time.

The Sustainable Microfibre Washing Machine Filter (By Gulp).

A Bristol-based micro-plastic technology company (Matter) launches Gulp on Kickstarter on October 11th. Gulp is a sustainable washing machine microfibre filter.

Check Out This BLOW Hairdryer, By Michael Douglas’ Mdlondon.

Mdlondon are proud to launch their brand new BLOW Hairdryer by Michael Douglas, the celebrity stylist. It’s a light, compact, powerful, and intuitive hairdryer.

Earthy Enrich: The Revolutionary New Smart Kitchen Composter

LAUNCHING THIS MONTH, Earthy is a brand new start-up that’ll reduce household food waste, with its revolutionary new smart kitchen composter, the Earthy Enrich.

The Visual Book: Taking Traditional Photo Books To New Heights

The Visual Book: an innovative new brand that’s taking traditional photo books to new heights, with their linen-bound video books that display old memories.

The Maeving RM1: The Incredibly Stylish Electric Motorcycle.

Maeving RM1: the electric motorcycle with a removable battery that can be charged from any plug socket, meaning: no gears, no petrol, no noise and no emissions.

View-You Cam: The World’s First Movable Webcam

View-You Cam is the world’s first movable webcam, allowing people to make better eye contact when communicating through video platforms, such as Zoom and Teams.

Meet Jake and Jess Munday (The Brains Behind ‘Custom Neon’)

Founded in Australia in 2018 by Jake and Jess Munday, Custom Neon creates stunning, custom-made signs. They’re handmade, and they’re sold in over 50 countries.