Baby + Toddler Food Brand, Piccolo – Has Launched 9 Delicious New Products/Flavours Into Their Existing Cooking Range

With Piccolo’s stir-in sauces for babies and toddlers performing exceptionally well last year in 2020, the brand has decided to launch NINE new ‘family favourites’ into their popular cooking collection for young’uns.

Fooditive: The Dutch Food Start-up Set On Revolutionising Healthy Eating For All

2020 saw the blossoming of a brand new plant-based ingredient manufacturer, called Fooditive BV: a Dutch company set on revolutionising healthy eating for all.

Veggi Wash’s ‘Veggi Wipes:’ Neat, Natural Packaged Wipes For Cleaner, Safer And Longer-Lasting Fruit And Veg

Veggi Wash’s ‘Veggi Wipes’ enable(s) on-the-move fruit and veg lovers to not only clean their fruit and veg in a safer way, but the wipes also allow(s) hungry folks to store and carry their fruit and veg in a natural way that means they last longer.

Baby Food Brand, Piccolo – Launches The UK’s FIRST EVER Fully-Recyclable Baby Food Pouch

The recyclability of food pouches is an issue which has long plagued the baby food category, and this new development from Piccolo, – marks a significant moment in the brand’s ethical journey.

Treat Yourself To A Delicious Homemade Delicacy, With Mon Dessert’s DIY Dessert Kits

Mon Dessert is set to satisfy new and existing customers, with their new, delightful, themed DIY-dessert-kits, that include(s) a wide range of delicious ‘desserts’ to choose from, plus various ways to buy them.

Afia’s Samosa Shop: Wheat + Gluten-Free Samosas – Now Delivered Nationwide

Family + female-owned business, Afia’s Samosa Shop – has just announced the launch of their brand new nationwide delivery service, which means that health-conscious samosa lovers across the nation can now enjoy their wheat and gluten-free samosas, wherever they are.

The Queen’s Grocer, Partridges – Launches Their Brand New Scented Candle Range

From the heart of Chelsea, Partridges (the world-renowned grocer to the Queen), – is excited to announce the launch of their brand new Scented Candle range, which will see a new addition to their existing ‘Chelsea Flower Collection,’ just in time for Mother’s Day.

STEEPS ONE SHOT: The Fiery Blend Of Organic Ingredients Your Body Needs

STEEPS ONE SHOT is a fiery blend of seven raw, natural, sustainably-sourced, organic ingredients: turmeric, ginger, chilli, garlic, onion and horseradish – all lovingly peeled, chopped and infused (‘steeped’) for 12 weeks, in Apple Cider Vinegar.

Plant-based Ice Cream Specialists, ‘Coconuts Organic,’ to Rebrand As ‘Cecily’s’

‘Coconuts Organic,’ the ice cream specialists (famous for their creamy plant-based tubs), have announced that they’ll be rebranding as ‘Cecily’s.’

The Cherry Tree: The UK’s No.1 ‘Most Awarded Producers’ Of Chutneys, Preserves And Marmalade(s)

The Cherry Tree – the UK’s No.1 ‘most awarded producers’ of chutneys, preserves and marmalade’s has added two new foods to their online web shop this February 2021, with a brand-new Platter Chutney and a Bloody Mary Chutney.